Precious Child - Lyrics

From a long way off, the Father saw me coming,
A long time had passed since Iíd been home.
The Father had given so many blessings,
Through a sinful life I had wasted them all.

But when the Father saw me, he began to run
And he wrapped his arms around me and called me his son.
When I looked into his eyes, I knew

Iím a precious child in the house of the King, (echo)
To Him my praise Iíll eternally bring. (echo)
A Love so vast so eternally true, (echo)
Has found me and brought me back to You. (echo)

Accepted, redeemed by His great Love,
To the family of the forgiven.
The lost has been found,
The dead is now alive!
The dead is now alive!

Copyright © 2007 Graeme & Victoria Sweet


This song was inspired by
Luke 15:11-32, the parable
of the prodigal son.

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Precious Child - Key of C
Precious Child - Key of D

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