His Glory Shines from the Cross - Lyrics

On an early springtime morning
A large crowd was gathered near
Fists were raised there were shouts of "crucify"
And I found my Saviour there
Yet He knew this hour was coming
To bring glory to our God
So he laid His kingly power down
And humbly took His crown

Then they led Him out to Calvary,
And they raised Him on the cross
There he bore the nails for you and me
And I thought the battle lost.
Yet this was Your plan forever,
Father, glorify Your Son!
In obedience to His Fatherís will,
My Saviour breathed His last.

Then the earth shook and the rocks were split
And the curtain was torn down from heaven to earth.
His kingdom established forever and ever,
His glory shines from the cross
His glory shines from the cross

In a garden tomb they laid Him
With a stone they sealed Him in.
His blood was shed, His body pierced,
To take away our sin
Then the Father did exalt Him
For all things Heís overcome.
Victorious over even death,
My Saviour rose with power.

Then I saw my Saviour coming
And the clouds were rolled away.
Heís received the name above all names
To which all bow one day.
In power He knows no equal
His glory fills the skies
He paid the price, the battle won
And now He reigns on high.

Copyright © 2008 Graeme & Victoria Sweet


This song was inspired by
John 17:1, Matthew 27:51-53
plus many others.

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His Glory Shines From the Cross - Key of G
His Glory Shines From the Cross - Key of Bb

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